Introducing edloomio AI,
the AI-centric LMS for enterprises

AI-Centric LMS

The edloomio AI-centric LMS features a custom-built Large Language Model (LLM) for optimal efficiency and understanding. We prioritize privacy and security, with no external data sharing. Additionally, we’ve enhanced standard safety measures, including custom RAGs, although these are more restrictive than broader models like ChatGPT. This setup allows us to offer a personalized learning experience for organizations worldwide.

"We appreciate the user-friendly interface and the ability to automate our training and certification processes, which has helped to streamline our operations and improve efficiency. We highly recommend edloomio to other companies looking for a reliable and effective LMS solution."
Dario Wittstock
Dario Wittstock
Habia/HEW Kabel

Save time

We believe that a core value of AI is to save time. With the help of AI, you can generate content and perform tasks efficiently on the edloomio AI LMS.

Easy to use

Software systems can be complex. That's why we've designed a powerful, yet simple user interface for the edloomio AI LMS, ensuring it's easy for anyone to use.

All in one

Eliminate the need to switch between systems. The edloomio AI LMS integrates LMS, LXP, talent management, and course authoring into a single platform.

Safe and secure

We implement the best possible measures to keep your data secure. Our approach includes private cloud hosting, ISO certification, and a safety-conscious team.

Join the AI revolution in L&D

At edloomio, we are excited to lead the way in redefining the possibilities in learning and development with AI. Join us!