AI-centric Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS)

The AI-centric LMS that learns, automates, and adapts to your organization.

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Learning On Demand Online And Self Serve

Personalized learning experiences based on AI skill mapping

The edloomio AI-centric LMS suggests relevant training materials to your team members, tailored to their roles and skills, to address any skill gaps.

Automated learning management

The edloomio AI-centric LMS automates your entire learning management saving you valuable time to focus on what really matters: people.

Automated learning management
Ai Course Builder

Create courses in minutes, with AI

The built-in course builder enables you to easily create the courses you want. E-learning, blended, micro, ILT, you decide.

Insights and reporting

By bringing all your L&D data together, you’ll instantly see how each employee matches up with job skills requirements, all in one place. Quick, clear, and straightforward.

Skills Management Report


At the core of our AI-centric LMS is a custom-built Large Language Model (LLM), pre-trained to ensure the highest level of efficiency and understanding. We prioritize the privacy and security of data, with a firm commitment that no information will be shared externally. This core technology enables us to deliver a personalized and dynamic learning experience, designed to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Customizable AI-centric LMS

Adjust features and data fields to get the setup that’s just right for your organization. Whether you need a simple LMS, or an Enterprise Learning platform, you decide.

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