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Reflecting on Our Amazing Experience at HR Tech Europe

This year, HR Tech Europe in Amsterdam was an important gathering for professionals interested in the future of human resources technology. Edloomio, as a leader in AI-driven learning and development, was excited to participate and share our insights and innovations. Engaging Connections During the event, our team had the chance to meet with dozens of

Sell Courses

5 Key Benefits of Using Your Own LMS to Sell Courses

Selling courses online has become a vital aspect of business strategy for many organizations. While third-party platforms like Teachable provide a quick start, owning a Learning Management System (LMS) offers unparalleled benefits. Below are five key advantages of using your own LMS for course sales. Enhanced Branding and Customization Your LMS acts as a direct

Business People Learning Engagement

5 Tips to Boost Learning Engagement

In today’s fast-paced corporate environment, keeping employees engaged in learning can be a challenge. With daily tasks taking priority, L&D departments need effective strategies to promote continuous learning. Edloomio’s all-in-one learning platform, with its built-in tools and features, offers a comprehensive solution. Let’s explore how you can leverage these tools to maximize learning engagement in

learning and development Learning Management System

Why Learning and Development (L&D) Starts with a Learning Management System (LMS)

Learning and Development (L&D) is a vital part of any growing business. It helps employees gain new skills and knowledge, which can lead to improved performance and job satisfaction. The cornerstone of any effective L&D strategy is a Learning Management System (LMS). Here are 10 reasons why an LMS should be your starting point for

corporate training industry report 2023

Insights from the 2023 Training Industry Report

In the fast-paced world of corporate training and development, staying updated with the latest trends and industry insights is crucial for HR and L&D managers. The 2023 Training Industry Report offers valuable information on training expenditures, budgets, and delivery methods. Let’s take a look at some key findings from this report. Training Expenditures: The report

Microsoft Teams

Enhancing Workflows: edloomio Meets Microsoft Teams

Too often, the hustle of the workday leaves little room for learning. However, promoting a learning culture is beneficial both for individuals and the organization. It’s revealed that employees who engage in learning activities are 47% less stressed and feel 39% more productive. So, how can we bridge the gap? The trick lies in eradicating