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Create a library where people can browse and access courses. Share your library easily in other platforms (like your intranet) and make learning available where your learners are.

Course library

Learning Journeys give people a clear overview of which courses they need to complete in order to complete the Learning Journey. Often used for onboarding new hires.

Tailored Onboarding

Make learning materials available outside of courses. In your own knowledge base, users can search and browse to find answers and learn.

L&D wiki

The Gamification feature enables you to add points to courses and a leaderboard to stimulate competition between users.

L&D wiki

The Explore tool enables personalized AI powered YouTube video recommendations based on your learning.

Youtube video recommendations

Stimulate social learning in your organization and enable people to share their own learning content with others. People can like and comment on the published learning content.

Social learning video share

Record informal training such as podcasts, books, or events. Assign to users and allow users to record informal training in their profile.

Informal training

Record external training, assign to users, and allow users to record external training in their profile.

External training

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At any time, you can activate (or deactivate) apps so the platform adjusts to your organization’s needs.

Customizable features LMS

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